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The Orange County Museum Coalition is exactly that: a working alliance which involves many individuals and groups: Similar goals and a love of Natural History, the Museum Experience, Science, Tribal Culture and the preservation of the what's left of our environment, comes together here!

Preservation, Understanding and Creating an Institution for the Generations to come!


California Cultural Resource Preservation Alliance

Acjachemen Tribal Groups A & B

The Banning Ranch Conservancy

Western Museum Alliance

Pacific Coast Archeological Society

Great Park Botanical Gardens

Irvine Ranch Water District

Friends of the Harbors, Beaches and Parks

Former Irvine City Council Persons and Manager

and more coming soon!

Our Coalition Building Mission

In building the alliances and support for this worthy institution we are seeking the support of the many associated groups for our cause, including:

  • Professional Museum Groups

  • Professional Anthropological, Archeological and Paleontology Associations

  • Regional School Districts and Educational Programs

  • Tribal Groups and Indigenous Culture Groups

  • Cultural Preservation Groups

  • Universities and Colleges with associated programs in Science, History, Indigenous Studies

  • Architectural Associations and Site Planning Groups

  • Environmental Groups

  • Activist and Historical Associations

California Cultural Resources Presevation Alliance

We are an alliance of preservation advocates including Native American descendants, scientists representing a number of fields, and people from all walks of life, working together for the preservation of archaeological sites and other cultural resources.


The California Cultural Resources Preservation Alliance, Inc. (CCRPA) was formed in 1998 and incorporated as a 501 ( c ) (3) non-profit charitable organization in 2004 in response to accelerating development, especially in California and the continuing loss of a number of significant cultural and archaeological sites, including coastal villages and cemeteries in Orange County, California.


Native Americans here believe strongly that sites occupied by their ancestors should not be disturbed in any way, and archaeologists believe that non-intrusive investigations and preservation should be the norm and with proper planning are the least costly form of mitigation.


The CCRPA seeks to identify, preserve, and protect significant cultural resources, and especially those located in California.  We welcome everyone who supports these goals. 

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