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Grow the Vision-Join Us!

The Orange County Museum Coalition is dedicated to the Initiative to have built a world class Museum of Indigenous Culture and Natural History at the Great Park of Irvine.  Would you like to be a part of this legacy project? This is a once in a life time opportunity to build a world class facility to house the many fossils, artifacts and exhibits of this region. A Tribal administered Cultural Center dedicated to restoring Tribal languages, culture and relations. Re-examining historical perspectives and current imperatives of sustainability and co-existence. An opportunity to build a national destination, a place of advanced research, study and education combined with a public facility which will be home to living Indigenous Culture, relevant Exhibits, and Community Events. Be a part of this worthy cause!

San Bernardino Natural History Museum Display
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Proposed Chumash Cultural Center Design, Robert Jones, Jones and Jones
Acjachemen Cogstones: A world class mystery....
Acjachemen Torsion Ring
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Find out How You Can Help! 

Make to let us know if you want to be an advocate, or if you want to join our working team at the Orange County Museum Coalition!

Do you have a specific skillset? We are seeking individuals knowledgeable in these areas: 

  • Fundraising and membership support

  • Project Advocation

  • Site Planning and Development

  • Architecture, Landscape Design and Site layout

  • Educational Affiliations: K-University 

  • Organizational and Institutional support

  • Indigenous Studies Affiliation, Tribal History

  • Inter Tribal Relations and Culture

  • University Archeological and Anthropological Affiliations

  • Museum Administration & Development

  • Museum Consultation

  • City of Irvine Council or Department Expertise

  • or ...your suggestions? They are welcome !

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Mammoth display, San Bernardino Museum of Natural History
San Bernardino Natural History Museum Display
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